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Music and Meditation: The Power to Change Consciousness

"Music is the bridge between heaven and earth" - Edgar Cayce

Music has been used to arouse emotions and to calm them; to inspire war and influence peace.

This website looks at enhancing consciousness through music - from meditation to relaxation and wining and dining...

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Music: Download Free Samples - Listen to samples of music to relax, de-stress and support meditation.

The Art of Meditation: An introduction to the basics of meditation - starting from five minutes a day.

Realm 2: Edgar Cayce called music “the bridge” between heaven and earth. A description of the western spiritual tradition that underpins this web site.

Reverend Mario Schoenmaker (1929-1997): A significant figure in the development of new spiritual and religious impulses in Australia.

Soul Maps: Guides for the perplexed soul...

Sophisticated Lady: Music for dining...

Orders: Music, Readings, Books.


About Centre Music Australia (CMA)

Melody and John Rawson are the founders of Centre Music Australia. CMA is dedicated to putting forward music as a healing power in the world, and a power to change consciousness. The music ranges from creating relaxation and romance for dining, to a deeper more profound experience of music for meditation, inspiration and healing.

The philosophy behind the web site derives from the concepts given by Rev Mario Schoenmaker (1929-1997), a major figure in the development of new directions of spirituality in Australia.

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