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Rev Mario Schoenmaker:
Seer, Teacher and
Religious Revolutionary


Reverend Mario Schoenmaker (1929-1997) was a 'Seer' of the calibre of Edgar Cayce and Rudolf Steiner. He was not a telephone psychic! Whilst the authors of this website acknowledge that there are many great psychics and mediums of the modern day, Rev Mario Schoenmaker's clairvoyance was quite different.

He had told us when we first met him that the 'gift' had presented itself quite early and unexpectedly in his life, but that he had soon realised, in order for it to become a practical power in the lives of other people, it would need to be properly trained. Thus he was a “trained clairvoyant”. In his book The New Clairvoyance (1986), he explains:

“The preparation (for this type of clairvoyance) involved long years of training” (initially within the Catholic Church, and later in a European Mystery School). “I (had to be) disciplined in such a way that I learned to direct my mind and apply realistic thinking and observation.”

In other words Mario did not trust without question any image that came towards him, neither did he go round giving unsolicited readings to everyone he met (which he considered unethical anyway).

The New Clairvoyance tells us that the final product of his particular clairvoyance occurred through strict and disciplined training.

“Because of this strict training” he says “I (could) concentrate and get straight to the point.”

Thus he learned how to interpret the images in a deeply spiritual and sensible way to his clients. His ten thousand Spiritual Readings worldwide are testimony to that. In The New Clairvoyance he further explains:

“This did not just happen overnight, as one needs to be willing to be trained and willing to put in the effort.”

He goes on to say.

“Then there was the training of the emotions so that I could control my emotional needs and wants, and lastly there was the learning to associate with people on an ordinary social level”.

The training of Mario Schoenmaker's clairvoyance therefore was vast and different - and yet - if one were to meet this Rev Mario Schoenmaker out doing his shopping (which he really loved to do!) no one would ever know that he was one of the greatest clairvoyants of our time.

Melody Rawson

Rev Mario Schoenmaker: Teacher

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