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were the result of specific previous incarnations. For example, a person who had a dark blue colour prominent, may have had an incarnation as a monk or nun - in an environment of repressive religiosity. Someone who had a light yellow colour, may have experienced a life as a teacher, philosopher or thinker. Continual expression of this clairvoyant gift produced a deep insight into human nature and its deepest desires. It also produced in Mario a tremendous compassion for the human condition.

The second area in which Mario was a profound expert was the study of the Bible. Mario read the bible, Old and New Testaments every year and was able to quote at length from every section. This would not make him unique - many traditional Christians and those of a more “fundamentalist” persuasion could say the same. Mario saw more than the literal level of historical scriptures however. Just as he could see beyond the surface characteristics and psychological peculiarities of people, so he could perceive the scriptural texts as multi-layered and multi-dimensional. Where some might read the story of the birth of Jesus as a pleasant fairy story - Mario would make it real as the birth of the divinity within the soul of humanity. Where the healing of a blind person might become in the eyes of biblical scholars a gloss on an historical narrative - Mario would discover for his audience, a powerful description of the soul, blind from its incarnation in a physical body, having its own inner sight restored by its contact with that spiritual which dwells at the core of the human being.

Spiritual knowledge and knowledge of spiritual concepts were two different things to Mario. He did not live his life in order to leave behind him a body of knowledge which would give his students copious material for quoting and debating. He lived his life in order to bring a power into the lives of others. By training and by vocation he was a church minister. He used this vocation as the starting point of a revolution in spirituality - a “religious revolution”.

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The result of Mario's training in clairvoyance was that he was able to observe and 'see' into the spiritual worlds. There is a Zen proverb - “direct insight into the nature of things”. This he had. The natural outcome was that he attracted many who wished to learn from him. The core of his teaching was that Divinity is within you.

For more than thirty years Mario gave the teachings of the “Western Spiritual Tradition” to his students. Sometimes this is called “Esoteric Christianity”, but Mario preferred not to use the label “Christian”. Instead he encouraged his students to consider the action of “becoming Christed”. By this process he meant the expression of the individual's inner godhood - their true individuality. This meant that Mario's teaching was not so much a series of lectures on spiritual concepts - it was rather a series of challenges and experiences which thrust the individual back onto their own resources, forcing them to grow and develop as spiritual beings.

Mario made use of various frameworks as vehicles for his teaching. A broad, overall picture is given in the Realm 2 section of this web site. He was capable of adapting esoteric, metaphysical and psychological frameworks for his purposes, but his vast knowledge of the traditions of Western Spirituality embraced traditional church theology; Alchemy; Numerology; Tarot; Philosophy - to name but a few. There were, however, favourite areas of exposition.

The first area was the human being. In his book, “The New Clairvoyance”, Mario estimated that he had given between 10,000 and 15,000 “Spiritual Readings” to people. When Mario gave a Spiritual Reading, he described the colours of the person's aura, and then proceeded to explain the psychology and life of that person in intimate detail. He would then describe how these colours and characteristics

Rev Mario Schoenmaker:

Rev Mario Schoenmaker:
Religious Revolutionary

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