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The Art of Meditation 5:

Light Visualisation

Practice – Part A

Perform this exercise immediately after your “world breathing” exercise.

In this exercise you are asked to do two things at once. In the left hand column is a simple verse which you recite mentally. In the right hand column, is a visualisation you perform as you recite each line.

In this particular exercise, we create the simplest possible image – that of light. We perceive it grow, firstly from the whole world in which we live, and then from within ourself. Finally, we merge the two lights – because the inner and the outer divinity are one and the same.

The exercise as it stands is incomplete. It has a second part.

Practice – Part B

This exercise is done just before going to sleep.

In purest outpoured Light,

Shimmers the Godhead of the world.

Imagine light pouring from your environment, penetrating your whole body.

In purest love to all that lives

Outpours the Godhood of my soul.

Imagine light radiating from the heart.

I rest within the Godhead of the world.

Here the light pouring from the heart, merges with the light flowing into us from the world.

There shall I find myself

Within the Godhead of the world.

Now allow yourself to dissolve within the light and become united with the light.

Within the Godhead of the world

There shall I find myself

Perceive the “light of the world” – a light which permeates the whole of creation. Discover your “self” therein.

Wherein I rest.

Experience the resting of the Self within the light of the cosmos.

Outpours the Godhood of my soul

In purest love to all that lives

Feel the “Self” that rests within the light of the world, begin to move back into the heart.

Shimmers the Godhead of the world, in purest light outpoured.

Now allow yourself to dissolve within the light and become united with the light.


This exercise introduces an extremely important aspect of meditation: Visualisation. As we develop this aspect of meditation, we are able to penetrate deeper into the secrets of our own being. In the Western spiritual tradition, we understand that at the core orf our identity is a spark of the divine – we call this the “I AM”. This spark of divine light is the “Godhood of the soul”.

The expression of the divine is to create.

The essence of the divine is the light of consciousness.

Through visualisation, we begin to work with the creative expression of the divine. The more we can express and create through conscious imaging, the more we are expressing the divine within self. On the other hand, the more we express our own “Godhood”, the more we ourselves become creative beings: - creative in our relationships; our work; our thinking; our artistic expression, and especially our understandings.

Visualisation does not mean that the meditator has to see “pictures” upon the backs of their eyelids like a TV show (although this may happen with some). It means that we make an incredible effort to imagine certain images. You may find that this is like having a picture at the back of your mind – and gradually you start to perceive more details. As we work with visualisation exercises, we are able to strengthen this faculty until the images seem to live outside us.

Eventually, again, you may reach a stage where such images seem to take on an independent existence, revealing to you quite different details and insights from those you put in! This too can be a trap. In our visualisation exercises you will find that we always create the images from the void, and then we will dissolve the complex image back into the void. Here we are duplicating the creative aspect of God, where the process of creation is described in Genesis as coming from a state where the world was “without form, and void”.


We first notice that this exercise is to be performed at night – preferably just before going to bed. The aim of meditation is to create a new consciousness which will be active within us. With this as the aim, we cannot be content with transforming only our waking consciousness, it is important that we also begin to transform our sleep consciousness. If we pursue this path, we will begin to see a development within our dream consciousness. Our dreams will become clearer, more lucid, and more meaningful.

If you are ready to extend your meditation practice to this point, set aside a few minutes before going to sleep. Begin, as usual with five minutes breathing. Then perform the reverse “Outpoured Light” exercise. (Often, exercises designed to have an effect during our sleeping hours are actually reversal exercises.) You may wish to finish with a few minutes of the “Who am I?” exercise.

The purpose of the reversed “Outpoured Light” exercise is to withdraw consciousness from the world and focus attention on the growing spark of our inner divine self. If we do this before going to sleep, we begin to create a greater awareness during sleep. If we make this a life-long exercise, then at the point of death, we become able to call upon this inner divinity to create light for us in the spiritual worlds.

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