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The Art of Meditation 6:

The Lord's Prayer


The prayer known as “The Lord’s Prayer” has long been known as “the prayer of the Initiate”. Rev Mario Schoenmaker once said, that if repeated twice a day, it would open the innate clairvoyance of a human being - he pointed to the strong native clairvoyance of many people who were brought up as Roman Catholic in countries like Italy who had made this part of their daily spiritual practice.

Rev Mario taught that the process of awakening

the clairvoyant faculties would be facilitated by focusing on the spiritual centres (called “chakras” in the East). The following version of the meditation was compiled by consulting the different versions Mario himself produced, and also from observations he made to the author.


“Our Father, which art in heaven”

Imagine a ball of light hovering about 4 inches above your head...

“Hallowed be Thy name”

Now imagine that the top of your head opens, like a flower opening. The ball of light descends slowly through this opening, into the centre of the head."

“Thy Kingdom come”

Now the light shines from the very centre of your head.

“Thy will be done”

The light moves down and shines from the throat.

“On earth as it is in heaven”

Centre the light in the heart and imagine a pillar of light shining from six inches below your feet up the spine to six inches above the head.

“Give us this day our daily bread”

Imagine the light shining from the gonads region - you can see it as a pure, light red colour.

“And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”

Focus on a region four finger widths below the navel. Imagine a pure orange light shining forth from this place.

“Lead us not into temptation”

Now the light moves to a place just above the solar plexus. You can see it as a pure “lemon” yellow.

“But deliver us from evil”

The light now emanates from your heart. It should be a radiant emerald green colour. At the core of this light is a pure white radiance which is the Christ within.

“For Thine is the kingdom”

A light blue light radiates from the throat centre.

“The power and the glory”

A deep blue (indigo) colour emanates from the centre of the head.

“For ever and ever”

Imagine the opening at the top of the head again. It is like a flower with a thousand petals - all different colours opening up to the sun ...


The Sun is the pure white light which sits above the crown of the head.

Dwell in the light above the head for a moment, then move your consciousness to the heart. The pure light at the centre of the heart is the same essence as the “sun” above your head. This is the consciousness of Christ. It is what is meant by “Christ is in you”. At this point you may allow the name or the face of a person to float into your mind. Hold this person in the light and pray for blessing for this person.

The Blessing

This is a powerful way to bless and to release an individual who is in pain - mental physical or emotional.

Hold the individual in your mind. See their pain as a dark cloud around them. Deliberately draw that cloud into your own heart. Dissolve it in the light at the core of the heart centre. Ask to take that pain within you and to release it from the other person. You will know this is working when you feel an energy and a power of love waking in your own heart centre, dissolving the darkness and enveloping that soul in light.



There is an enormous literature about the “chakras”. This is a sanskrit term which means “wheel” - sometimes they were also called “padma” which means “lotus”. Because Western esoteric knowledge was kept secret and often “encoded”, it has only recently been revealed that the chakras were well known in the West. They were often called “planets” - the inner planets of the human subtle form. Mario preferred the term “spiritual centre” - for this is what they are - centres of spiritual force which act like “translators” or “transformers” of spiritual energies. Thanks to teachers like Edgar Cayce and Rev Mario, we are able to see that the Bible contains several descriptions of the centres. The “Seven Letters to the Churches” in the Book of Revelation; the “Book with the Seven Seals” in the same writing are only two examples.

The purpose of the spiritual centres is to act as conduits and filters for certain spiritual energies and distribute them throughout the human energy system. Although particular colours are associated with the centres (especially the colours of the rainbow), they are rarely that colour - probably because, like any other filter system, they have become clogged up!

The purpose of this meditation is to cleanse the centres and to remove blockages from them. The meditator does this by directing consciousness in turn to each centre. The colour visualised rebalances the energies within that centre by “reminding” it of its ideal spiritual function.

This is a very powerful meditation. It removes inner blockages and creates a balance and a harmony within the individual.


Commentary on the Lines

Our Father, which art in heaven

The “Father”, is the origin of the divine within out being. Spiritual vision perceives above the head of every person, something like a cloud of light. Mario observed that our “I AM” is not yet within us - most of it remains “with Christ in the heavens”.

Hallowed be Thy name

The centre at the top of the head, the “crown” centre is the link between the human being and spirit. When it is open, we are able to communicate again with the spiritual worlds. The “name” of the “Father” is our identity as spiritual beings. We “hallow” or “make holy” our communications with the spiritual worlds.

Thy kingdom come

This centre is sometimes called the “brow” centre, because it is represented as seated in the “third eye” position above the nose between the two eyebrows. If we look more deeply, we discover that this centre originates from a position that appears to be deep within the human brain. The brain, the “thinking” capacity of the human being has to become the “Kingdom” of the Father - in other words our very thinking capacity has to become spiritualised.

Thy will be done

Throat centre is the “Will” centre. We dedicate our own will to the divine.

On earth as it is in heaven

We are not only spiritual beings, we are also earth beings. In our understanding, we do not strive to escape the earth and the physical world - we strive to transform it. Christ now works in the earth. As one writer put it, the energies of Christ are now expressed through the elemental beings who work with the earth and the plant kingdom. Through them, Christ streams up from the earth into the world. Some clairvoyants explain that we are associated with the earth through a spiritual centre which is about six inches below our feet. The expression “grounded” really means that we establish our consciousness in a relationship which unites the earth with the spiritual worlds.

Give us this day our daily bread - the gonads (base) centre

The word translated “bread” is the Greek word, “ousia”. This is actually a term in platonic philosophy which means “being”. Every day, an energy of “being” is renewed within us. It is expressed firstly through this centre; when we cleanse the base centre, we allow this energy to flow into the rest of our subtle energy system.

...forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors- sacral centre (Leyden)

It is a pity that translators have opted to translate “opheilo” as “sins” - it really means a “debt”. Our debts are our karma. Rev Mario once remarked that “forgiveness of sins” means that we are released from the guilt of our karma - we may still pay back that which we owe, but we do it now without the compulsion of guilt - indeed, we may feel a sense of joy at being able to rebalance our relationship with another person. This happens when we in our turn express release towards those individuals who have karmic debts towards us. The paradox is, that in releasing others, we release ourselves.

...lead us not into temptation... - solar plexus centre

As spiritual beings, we are in a state of dynamic equilibrium with the forces which create our bodies. Every day, we take in food, which sustains the physical body. The etheric body is also refreshed by energies - taken in through the sacral centre. The solar plexus centre, is the point at which astral forces stream into us - building and affecting our astral body. The astral is the source of desire, of emotion, of instinct, self-preservation and creates the many secondary identities with which we populate consciousness. The “temptation” is two-fold. There is the temptation to live from the astral levels instead of from the divine forces which permeate the soul. The second temptation is to live from emotional forces instead of from thinking forces. These emotional astral forces actually constitute an old form of clairvoyance. It produces internal images which may or may not be accurate insights. It gives us hunches, intuitions, images and ‘feelings’ about others. Alas - while these insights may occasionally seem to be accurate, in the end they are essentially about our own emotional processes. Spiritual training teaches us to bypass the “temptation” of the psychic consciousness which is produced by this centre. If we do this, then we are able to open the most important centre - the heart centre.

...but deliver us from evil... - heart centre

The heart centre is the centre of the seven classical spiritual centres. It is the dwelling place of Christ within. “evil” is the false sense of separation from the spiritual worlds. Through the integration of the Christ consciousnes we will move beyond the boundaries of ego-separation and unite into a new spiritualised consciousness.

...for thine is the kingdom... -will centre

The will given over to the divine.

...the power and the glory... -head centre

The power and the glory of man is the ability to think. With our thinking we can create blessings or bomb; prayers or poisons... It is when we dedicate our thinking to be transformed spiritually that we start to put a certain power into the world that will upbuild and create.

...for ever and ever... - crown centre

Spirit is for ever and ever - mortality and death belong to the physical consciousness. Our bodies will die - but our spirits live on...

Amen. - The light above the head

We end as we begin - embraced within the light of the godhead.

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