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Prayer is talking to God; Meditation is listening to God - Edgar Cayce

The Art of Meditation

Series 1:

Sacred Time: Sacred Place

Just Breathe

Who Am I?

Series 2:

World Breathing

Visualise the Light

The Lord's Prayer

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Meditation is one of the fundamental practices of the Western Spiritual Tradition. The paradox is that those of us who grow up in a Western culture tend to think of it as an Eastern tradition. "Sitting quietly, doing nothing" as a Zen aphorism has it.

On these pages you will find a series of meditations which evolved from the Western tradition. They move from the simple to the complex; from the outer to the inner.

The first step in spiritual practice is to take the decision to do it. The second step is to set aside, each day, a time and place in which to do it. The third step is to do it!

We will assume that you have taken the first step and made a decision to meditate.

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