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Footsteps: Music for the Third Millennium

Listen to a sample here.

"Water Music" from track one of the album.

John Rawson - Composition and Piano
Melody Rawson - Baldwin Organ

As featured on Jaroslav Kovaricek's Dreamtime program. ABC radio.

Our album of reflective music received rave reviews in 1992. One US meditation teacher called it the best meditation music he had ever heard.

People have reported using the music for their loved-ones when they were dying. Some have used it during pregnancy for their unborn children. Many have used the music for relaxation and to 'still' themselves during times of stress. Others have even said it was

good for making love! Nurses have used it in palliative care units. A reiki healer once put her patient in the bath and played it to her until she overcame a panic attack. A doctor called it 'somnial' music, relaying that one patient could never listen to the whole CD as he always fell asleep half way through. Whatever the use, the music has been said to be balm for the soul. The CD was dedicated to our teacher, Rev Mario Schoenmaker and his co-worker, Rev Colin Read.

  1. Water Music
  2. Dorian Air
  3. Autumn
  4. Brown Footsteps
  5. Earth Music
  6. Dance of Eden
  1. Footsteps in the Dream
  2. Silent Footsteps
  3. The Light in the Garden
  4. Two Five One
  5. Lyne's Melody

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