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The Angel drew his bow across the string ... and all who heard wept at the sheer beauty of that note ... - St Francis of Assissi

Music has the power to change ordinary consciousness. It has the power to release us from life's many traumatic situations and emotions. It can lift us to the highest. It can enthuse us, join us together in one heart and mind, and can create deep bonds of friendship and fellowship. It can promote relaxation and serenity, romance and love. It can make us laugh. It can make us cry. It can make us dance. It makes us ‘feel’ great!

But music can also hold us captive – imprison us as it were – in emotions and feelings that need to be let go. It can hold us back in time, by making us focus on memories that may hinder us from moving forward. Perhaps the challenge then, is for us to start ‘using’ music, instead of music ‘using’ us. Sometimes we say “I’m in the mood for – or I ‘feel’ like – listening to a particular piece or song”. Most of the time this is totally appropriate, but some of the time we need to be aware that it can hold us back.

In just a few words then, we see that music has extraordinary power. Music can be used as medicine. The music presented on this site is specifically designed to quieten one’s demeanour, and consciously bring about a different state of being-ness. Splashes of humour are added as well, for nothing relaxes more than a good laugh… Perhaps we could call it "soul" music; not in the sense of a musical style (70s!), but music that opens the lines of communication between normal consciousness and the soul. In this sense it is truly as Edgar Cayce called it a bridge between the heavens and the earth.

Melody Rawson

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