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Music for Meditation

Footsteps: Music for the Third Millennium


Melody & John Rawson

"Footsteps" received wonderful reviews and was played on ABC radio and other channels when it was first released in 1992.

An album of quiet, reflective music. Perfect for meditation or just relaxing in the bath ...

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Music for Meditation



Fabian Billerwell

A beautiful collection from classical guitarist, Fabian Billerwell.

This music is meditative, contemplative and melodic. It evokes scenes, memories and emotions.

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Music for Romance and Relaxation

Sophisticated Lady: The Power of Soft


Melody & John Rawson

Relaxation, nostalgia, romance. This music is the perfect accompaniment to an evening with someone you love.

The perfect way to de-stress and wind down from a busy life style...

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Music for Healing

In the Service of Healing


John Rawson

Music from services dedicated to healing. Over twenty years of playing and music are compressed into this album - reflections on healing on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

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