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Realm 2 and the Soul


...In accordance with the life that the soul proposed to itself even before it was enveloped in a human body, - Iamblichus "De Mysterii"

Mario explained that we “experience” through the soul. The soul, “straddles” the two realm and is capable of experiencing both the physical and the spiritual worlds. But at the core of the soul, there is another 'experiencer' which he called variously the “inner divinity”, the “I AM” and “the Christ”:


Ideally, the soul, as we said, should bridge the two worlds - in which case we would balance the two in consciousness, and we would be giving and receiving beings, in balance with our selves and with our world.

Let me interpose a quote from Mario here. He is commenting on the need to “listen” to that inner divine voice which whispers to us in stillness:

This is the outstanding point: the realisation of Christ within, speaking through means of intuition, and our ability to listen to this inward voice.

The spirit of Christ whispers about becoming alive in and through him, not being condemned to a life of the senses and a material outlook on the world. This is indeed death, for you will never then know the spiritual worlds and your own spiritual individuality.

A phenomenon of modern consciousness, however, is that the experiencing consciousness has moved away from the centre, into the midst of Realm 1.

The "Stroke" Consciousness

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