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The "Stroke" Consciousness


Melody calls this consciousness which arises from this movement into the midst of Realm 1, the “stroke” consciousness. She likens it to the effect of a paralysing stroke upon its victim. In many cases, the whole centre of gravity of the person is shifted from the physical centre to a point on the left or the right side of the body. The person still “feels” centred, but to the outward observer, they are biased on one side or the other. Because twentieth century consciousness has moved so far into Realm 1, we have become blind to the reality that we are actually spiritual beings.


The "Stroke" consciousness of Western culture

Mario, commenting on the healing of the blind man in the gospel of St John puts it like this:

There are different points for meditation here, and the first one is that we were born blind: blind to the spiritual worlds, blind to our spiritual heritage, blind to our possibilities, and to what we could become if we could but see. It is a blindness to the realities of our own spirit and I AMness. Our mind and senses only perceive our immediate surroundings and beg, as it were, for sustenance, because they do not know from where else nourishment may come.

... What do we need to do in order to see? Obey the command of Jesus, “Go, and wash in the pool of Siloam.” Go, and immerse yourself in the knowledge that this material world is not real to spirit.

The paradox, as Mario points out, is that to “material” consciousness, spirit is not real - but to “spiritual” consciousness, the material world and its scientific-logical world view is a deep unreality. The I AM, or the inner divinity, however, does not want to move the soul into the spiritual world (that will happen soon enough when we die!) but it wants to take the opportunity which physical incarnation affords, to unite the two worlds, and in so doing, transform our physical consciousness. Mario interpreted the drama of the life of Christ and the death on the cross as precisely this process. The divine loves the creation and longs to transform it into the greater reality. Our own inner divinity loves the world our consciousness has created, and it longs to create a fullness by permeating this world with the awareness of spirit. When we have that wonderful “moment” in our lives, whether it is sitting on the beach watching the sun descend into the ocean, or experiencing the love of another human being - these are moments when spirit permeates ordinary consciousness and “lifts” it to another level. To live in this state 24 hours a day, is the goal of spiritual learning, and (pace Aristotle) the goal of spiritual teaching.

John Rawson

Realm 2 and the Soul

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