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The Tarot: The First Circle


”God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”.

Unknown C14 philosopher

The Tarot is a complex system of pictures and symbols which appears to date from the late fourteenth century. The "First Circle" is a "do it yourself" entry level kit to the Tarot. From the introduction:

According to an unknown C14 philosopher, “God is a circle whose centre is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere”.

Each of us must come to our own understanding of the greatest reality. For many people the circle of God is restricted to the physical world and they will seek to understand the Tarot in the first level, the Outer Level. This is the “First Circle”. This outer meaning is the relevance of the Tarot to the events and structures of the physical world. We could also call this the divinatory meaning.

Others may find their greatest experience of reality to be subjective, and they will seek to descend into inner layers of their being in search of truth, the “Second Circle” of Metaphysics. At this level the Tarot relates to our inner world and its spiritual and psychological processes.

Finally another group of people see that behind the world of matter is the world of spirit. For them, the Tarot can throw light on the “Third Circle” through an understanding of the hidden (occult) meaning. Here the Tarot explains human evolution in spiritual terms. It is concerned with the movement of spirit and the understanding of those spiritual forces which mould the destiny of man both as an individual and as a life form.

Rudolf Steiner predicted early in this century that evolution would give rise to a new type of clairvoyance and that it would once again be possible for some people to see into the spiritual worlds and see the Christ figure and experience the Christ consciousness.

It may seem incongruous to associate Christ and the Tarot, as for too long the traditional Church has been seen as an opponent rather than a partner. In consequence most Tarot literature ignores the role of Christ. This may be a mistake. Not only is much of the symbolism specifically Christian (eg the Ace of Cups, the Hierophant) but the actual developmental purpose which is portrayed within the Tarot cannot be comprehended without coming to grips with the role of Christ in evolution.

This book is the first in a series of three, which together explain three levels of understanding – three “circles”. It is my hope that the circles will not remain separated within the reader, but come to be seen as connected, as a continuous spiral, which is the symbol of life itself.

Tarot: The Details

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