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Astrology - a life map


If I change my concept of reality in such a way as to admit that all psychic happenings are real - and no other use of the concept is valid - this puts an end to the conflict of matter and mind as contradictory explanatory principles. Each becomes a mere description for the particular source of the psychic contents that crowd into my field of consciousness.

Carl Jung “Modern Man in Search of a Soul

Astrology is one of the oldest “Soul Maps”. According to the platonic philosophers, the soul descended through the planetary spheres, inheriting gifts and talents from each sphere according to its capacity. These pre-birth influences not only mapped out an individual destiny, but made the individual sensitive to the continuing influences of the planetary “gods”.

Realm 1 consciousness has dismissed the planetary spheres as a physical reality - but if we heed the words of Carl Jung, that all “psychic [Realm 2] happenings are real” then we can reach an understanding that the poetic concept of the “spheres” has a certain reality.

Astrology has the ability to unite Realm 1 perceptions of planetary movements with Realm 2 perceptions of spiritual forces. In this understanding, the “birth chart” of a person is a unique “map”, designed by the soul before birth, and, suitably interpreted, can be an invaluable guide to the gifts and talents of the individual. Further, an astrology reading can indicate innate patterns of growth and development which the soul will use in creating and designing the life of the person.

The art of Astrology is a complex one - most of us will need a navigator to get the best out of this particular map!

Astrology: The details

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